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“Flying Fillies is inspirational and informative—perfect for fans of historical fiction and horse lovers alike.” — The Children’s Book Review

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"Hui's historical novel is an excellent book for young readers, boys and girls. It will inspire young people with the daring and exciting lives of people who made a difference in the world. This book could easily be used in a classroom as an assigned text or available for eager readers or a wonderful companion to a home library.”
"A gem of a book and a story that is destined to inspire girls to be bold and know that life can hold adventures they never dreamed of. The photographs are priceless and lend authenticity and punch to the story. It's a shame this hidden history is not taught in schools. The author keeps the story rolling along in a way that makes it impossible to put down. I gobbled it up in one sitting. This would make a great movie."
"Every parent or mentor to young women will consider this book a foundational and realistic look into a life enjoyed through love, diligence and the persistent pursuit of making good decisions and overcoming setbacks whether self-induced or circumstantial. I look forward to the next installment in the life of Dawn Springfield!"
"The book has an underlying Growth Mindset tone to it, as well as a "women can do anything" theme, both are good messages for the youth of today."
"As I listen to my 9 yr old granddaughter with excitement in her voice relay the beginning story of Dawn as a young girl her love of horses and flying in this new book “Flying Fillies” I am so grateful for such a well written story of the heroics of the young women pilots during WWII. To hear a nine year old say “ I just love this book” is music to my ears."
-- Mima 5
"What a great story! The horses made me cry and the Wasp pilots made me cheer. Finally an historical novel that gives our children the background and history of some very amazing, courageous, and patriotic women during WWII."
"I am excited for my daughter to read the rest of the book, and hope she wants to emulate Dawn by getting back on the horse every time she's bucked off, by volunteering and serving for causes she believes in, by choosing good friends and courageously dealing with bullies."
"Dawn is the role model of a young woman that so many young men (including myself) needed growing up. Thank you for telling this story!"
"Growing up around airplanes, airports, and pilots and as a female pilot myself I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of details the author provided about the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots)."
-- Vicki
“An empowering and inspirational story, especially for children. . . . The characters are well defined and will resonate with young readers. It deals with some tough issues of growing up in a very positive way. As the mother of two college-age boys now, I think this book is good for both girls and boys. I highly recommend it."
-- Roger C.
“Flying Fillies got me hooked right from the start. As a junior high teacher, I know early teen girls love horses. I was excited that this book started with a change in life for a 12 year old girl and how she coped with the changes along with the excitement of a horse. The book continued to weave in the story about horses. I don't want to give too much away. I was highly interested in the women pilots and how WASP program came to be. I had heard of them, but this book brought it to life. There was an impressive amount of information at the end of the book. I really liked all of the character building situations that the writer incorporated in the story line. This would relate to any 12 year old girl and others. I love this book and would highly recommend it to early teens and up.”
-- Norman
"Girls…. think eighteen year olds… in WWII flew every kind of war plane that existed to anywhere in the world these planes were needed. Talk about inspirational. This is a great read. It’s an important read. Think you don’t make a difference? These women did. It’s not a light read as growing up is never easy. What a fun, action packed journey based on true life. Worth your time! And pass it forward!"
-- Gail D.

A Book About Female Pilots In WW2: Inspired by Historical Events

Watch the WASP trainees undergo intense training for their flying missions. Captured at The National WASP WWII Museum, Sweetwater, Texas.